Christmas Week Countdown: Monday (7 Days To Go)


Candy is natures way of making up for Mondays

Monday is always one of those dreaded days. I don’t know many people – unless you’re that optimistic, cheerful, whistling guy who got more than seven hours sleep on Sunday night types, who greet Monday with a smile. Mondays were created by the devil to ensure you get pushed to your limits before breaking down and praying for Friday when you only reach Wednesday.

The Monday before Christmas however, everyone seems to be one of two categories. You will find that people are either as chirpy as a baby chick or as stressed out as a riding bull. The lead up to Christmas can leave you feeling immensely joyous with happiness radiating from your face or, you are just one big stress ball because of the impending holiday leaving you will no time at all to get that never ending to do list looking remotely complete.

So… What category do you fall into? A or B?

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TGIF: Hello Weekend


Ah hello Friday evening, it’s good to see you from the comfort of my bed!

I cannot remember the last Friday night I had off work. Most of my Fridays are currently spent standing on my feet for 7 hours, from 4pm till 11pm serving people who become more and more intoxicated.

University term time is officially over. Most of the students have gone home for summer now, therefore the supermarket has slowed and I think that’s why I can finally greet Friday night with a smile that is not aimed at the drunk people who can’t seem to focus long enough to remember their card is still in the card reader.

Tonight’s agenda is Burgers, Ice cream and Movie, with a bottle of Strawberry and Lime cider if you please. I think that’s pretty blissful, doing Friday night right.

We are also going to be puppy proofing the flat because on Monday we are getting a furry little visitor for two weeks whilst Mumma is on holiday.

Say hello to Berite-Bops:


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Stacking The Shelves // Saturday Reads


Happy Saturday fellow bloggers and wonderful readers,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends 🙂

Today’s blog post is titled ‘Stacking The Shelves’ which was launched over at ‘Tyngas Reviews‘ and more about this particular meme can be found by clicking the above graphic.

Stacking The Shelves is basically a blog meme where book lovers alike can share the books that have recently been added to their ever growing collections; may it be physical or virtual.

I’ve had such pleasure of updating my book shelves these past few weeks. In fact, it is the first time in months even, that I have bought brand new books. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, my love for reading lessened a lot during my undergraduate studies, but I love (and always will love) to read. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than buying a new book. Unfortunately, I am not a lover of the e-book, for me, I need a physical copy in my hand, nothing beats that new book smell. So these past few weeks have been an absolute treasure.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to review a few upcoming novels with my involvement with a charity called ‘Literature Works’ – one of those reviews can be found on their website, here. I had the joy of volunteering at Plymouth’s  international Book Festival where I bought a few novels, I also got to meet British best selling crime author, Peter James and had him sign my new copy of his ‘The House On Cold Hill! (You can read about that, here) and student perks, HSBC gave me a free £60 amazon voucher which of course, has been, and will continue to be, spent on books!

So what’s new on my shelf you ask? Well…


In order of the picture we have:

The House On Cold Hill – Peter James
The Honours – Tim Clare
Stasi Child – David Young
The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith (a.k.a J.K Rowling)
Tell Tale – Mark Sennen
Skin – Mo Hayder
Pig Island – Mo Hayder
Hanging Hill – Mo Hayder
Urban Outlaws: Lockdown – Peter Jay Black

There’s a little theme of genre in this week’s post – mostly crime and thriller novels, because if you haven’t already realised, I am a bit of a crime/thriller buff. One of the Mo Hayder novels (Skin) was a gift from my sister for a graduation present, but she’s particularly one of my favourite authors.

The Honours by Tim Clare was a spontaneous buy, I had the pleasure of attending a talk as part of the international book festival, and Tim was just outstanding, and it made me want to read his novel. As for Urban Outlaws: Lockdown, it’s a book I’m supposed to be reviewing for Literature Works, but it’s part of a series, and I’m unsure if I should jump straight into the action and review the novel purely for the novel, or should I go and buy the first two to review it as part of a series? I’m sure I will make a decision soon enough.

But there we have it. My ‘Stacking The Shelves’ blog post this Saturday. I think it’s safe to say this week, my shelf is looking quite happy – probably the only time it will look this happy, as I doubt I’ll be buying as many books as these for future Saturdays!

How’s your shelves looking?

Happy reading!!