Friday Favourites

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! (Ha. This open made me laugh considering the dissertation I am so currently trying to avoid is titled Boy, Oh Boy! There is context to the subject matter, but I will not bore you with such academic nonsense today!)

INSTEAD! Are you prepared?

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TGIF: Hello Weekend


Ah hello Friday evening, it’s good to see you from the comfort of my bed!

I cannot remember the last Friday night I had off work. Most of my Fridays are currently spent standing on my feet for 7 hours, from 4pm till 11pm serving people who become more and more intoxicated.

University term time is officially over. Most of the students have gone home for summer now, therefore the supermarket has slowed and I think that’s why I can finally greet Friday night with a smile that is not aimed at the drunk people who can’t seem to focus long enough to remember their card is still in the card reader.

Tonight’s agenda is Burgers, Ice cream and Movie, with a bottle of Strawberry and Lime cider if you please. I think that’s pretty blissful, doing Friday night right.

We are also going to be puppy proofing the flat because on Monday we are getting a furry little visitor for two weeks whilst Mumma is on holiday.

Say hello to Berite-Bops:


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Friday Favourites

Having  a breather from personal opinions and expressed views, I am taking a leaf from my fellow blogger and my fellow Publishing friend, Amy over at her blog, I’ve decided to list a few of my favourite things this week.

Friday Favourites is to write a few things you’ve enjoyed this week, and combine them in a post on Friday.

So here’s to Friday and here’s to a few of my favourites this week:

Costa Coffee Takeaway Cups:

Costa is my go to coffee place, for those early morning lectures and much needed coffee breaks. I always enjoy a vanilla latte, with frothy milk and the sweet syrup. And of course, the build up to Christmas brings new flavours. However, I’ve fallen in love with their Christmas takeaway penguin cups. It’s not just Christmasy, it’s wintery, and it brings a sense of warmth and fun with my early morning coffee – the only problem is, the penguin doesn’t have eyes! Amy and myself decided to draw some eyes on my empty cup this morning, he looks much better.


I don’t know when it’s acceptable to start wearing the warm winter accessories, but I’ve started this week. I’m tired of my hands feeling frostbitten and cold, so I bought out the gloves, my black wooly gloves. Admittedly they aren’t those sensitive touch finger gripped ones, so using my phone is out of the question. No matter, I like feeling my fingers.


I love this stuff. I actually can’t get enough of it. I’m trying to include fresh veg into my diet, daily and spinach has become of my go to greens. It’s ricy in iron, which is something I lack, and it’s dark green colour contains high levels of health promoting chemicals which have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties! plus it’s great for my eyesight apparently. When in doubt, add spinach!

Mandarin and Cranberry flavoured still water:

I am not a water fan. I am one of those fussy people who think that water just doesn’t taste nice. Yes I’ve heard it all before… “But it doesn’t taste of anything” and that’s my point. It’s horrible and tap water is just the worst. I only drink water when I’m really ill, most of the other times, I drink diluted squash but even then, the amount of squash added to the water is probably twice the recommended amount. However, I am partial to a flavoured water every now and then. I drink volic strawberry water sometimes but the taste gets stale pretty quick.  Having recently started working in the co-op, I’ve developed a real taste for their still and sparking flavoured waters. The mandarin and cranberry one being the top of my list. I’m even proud as to say I’ve drank a 1 litre bottle to myself, in a day – and that’s saying something for someone whose addicted to caffeine, and all things sugar!

What’s your Friday favourites this week?

The Friday 56 // Lacking motivation, technically it’s now Saturday.


Happy Halloween my spooky fellows 🎃🎃 I know, it is now technically the 31st of October. And it is technically a Saturday I know.

I am late in posting yet again. I am sorry – I am feeling a little deflated as of late, and I apologise for this. My anxiety is flaring up a little, so I am feeling a little low and not my peppy self.

Disclaimer: postgraduate study makes a girl extra cranky, and extra pessimistic about herself.

But on a happier note, it’s Friday somewhere in the world still, and because I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s Friday post, here is today’s Friday 56.

“Patience,” Harry said. He paused to cough into a Kleenex. ‘Patience is more important than smart, Dex. You’re already smart.”

Today’s 56 page is featured in the famous Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. One of my favourite book series that turned into one of my favourite TV series (until the last episode – don’t even get me started!) What’s everyone else’s?

Happy Halloween my babies.

The Friday 56 is hosted by “Freda’s Voice” and is a simple meme whereby you grab a book, any book and flip to page 56. Add a sentence or two without giving too much away and allow your readers to ponder whether to read it or not.