Battling the blues


Merry Christmas Eve my lovelies, or you know, in exactly 40 minutes (at the time of writing this) MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL.

Firstly, I have to apologise for the lack of #ChristmasCountdown posts this week. I’ve missed Thursday, Friday and technically today. I was so intent on getting these posts out no matter what but, this week was just a little too busy for me.

The lowdown, Thursday was my last day of work before Christmas so I was in a rush to get things done ready to set my out of office on. Friday, Conner returned from America so we went to pick him up at the airport and the rest of the day passed in a blur. Today has been gearing up ready for the festive day of tomorrow so it’s all just been a little hectic, and on top of that, my mood has been a little blue. Okay I lie. It’s been quite blue, practically black.

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Christmas Week Countdown: Wednesday (5 Days To Go)


Wednesday 21st December: 12:34pm

Dearest Bloggers,

We are 5 days away from sweet smelling turkey delight with all the trimmings, mulled wine with dinner and the classic family game of monopoly. How are we all feeling? Are we excited, merry and bright? Or are we feeling a bit of bah humbug?

I’m feeling alright. A little tired, but nothing a good vanilla latte can’t fix. Aye, I should be going for the gingerbread latte but nothing quite beats a cheeky vanilla one shot from Costa. The adorable thing is my work canteen have started dishing out their version of Christmas polystyrene cups and they are hella cute. Continue reading “Christmas Week Countdown: Wednesday (5 Days To Go)”

Christmas Week Countdown: Tuesday (6 Days To Go)


Tuesday 20th December 10:41am

Good Morning my friends,

Today’s post is more of a diary entry simply because I am committing myself to posting every day in the lead up to Christmas – hence the title: Christmas Week Countdown. So my sweet darlings, you can sit and read my personal crazy day-to-day adventures commencing now, with a few cute documentary pictures obviously.

I don’t know what today will bring because it’s not even lunch time yet.

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Christmas Week Countdown: Monday (7 Days To Go)


Candy is natures way of making up for Mondays

Monday is always one of those dreaded days. I don’t know many people – unless you’re that optimistic, cheerful, whistling guy who got more than seven hours sleep on Sunday night types, who greet Monday with a smile. Mondays were created by the devil to ensure you get pushed to your limits before breaking down and praying for Friday when you only reach Wednesday.

The Monday before Christmas however, everyone seems to be one of two categories. You will find that people are either as chirpy as a baby chick or as stressed out as a riding bull. The lead up to Christmas can leave you feeling immensely joyous with happiness radiating from your face or, you are just one big stress ball because of the impending holiday leaving you will no time at all to get that never ending to do list looking remotely complete.

So… What category do you fall into? A or B?

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Christmas Time: Sunday Feels


There is always going to be those eager beavers who are thrilled to see the Christmas cheer gracing stores as early as August. I have never been one of them. In fact, I have never really been utterly thrilled about Christmas in general. The holiday in itself is a much welcomed break; from school, from college, university and this year, work. However, I have never felt the ultimate joy of pine trees, festive lights and Christmas cheer. I just haven’t. I have to admit I’m slightly nostalgic seeing the Coca Cola advert and appreciating that ‘the holidays are coming’, but that sudden “OMFG IT’S CHRISTMAS” feeling is one I don’t experience all that well.

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Happy Thursday


“Thursday. The most useless day. it only exists as a reminder that it’s been a really long week…and it’s still not over.”

What’s everyone’s take on Thursdays?

Usually, I don’t personally mind Thursdays, because they remind me that tomorrow is Friday.

Friday means the weekend is right around the corner which usually means rest, recuperate and enjoy the time away from work – where in two days time, you will be right back where you were on Thursday.

Today I’m feeling Thursday quite heavily and I am honestly counting the hours pass until the clock strikes half past five tomorrow afternoon.

This weekend I have no major plans and for once, I am quite ecstatic about it. I am so tired this week. I’ve been on the go quite simply, since Wednesday afternoon last week. That is a lot of stuff for little old me.

I’m such an introverted person and since 11pm Wednesday evening, I have been in constant contact with at least one person and by golly I am tired.

I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow afternoon and shutting the world out for a day or two. I am looking forward to giving some time back to me, enjoying my own company and, proving the weather is nice and dry, taking Bertie on a long stroll around the village.

I am hoping Conner and I can do something nice together too for he is jetting off to Arizona on Sunday evening for work – and he won’t be returning until Thursday night.

So close to Christmas.

Christmas is next weekend and I am in nowhere near prepared for this. I am also spending my first Christmas with Conner and his family this year which in itself is very odd.

It’s going to be interesting.

For now though, I am enjoying the feel of Friday coming soon – and I am going to leave you thinking about what Thursday’s mean for you, and where your weekend will take you.

Oh and let’s not forget this new thing of uploading pictures of my moments. So here’s a few snaps from these hectic few days.





image-8 image-6


Merry Christmas 🎄

A big merry Christmas to all of my fellow followers and many of my readers out there.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to celebrate and have fun. Enjoy the time spent with your loved ones because that is what the true meaning of Christmas is all about 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

But during the happy times, please do say a silent prayer for those who don’t have their families with them, or for those who’ve lost someone close to them, and for those souls we are missing each and every day.

My prayers go out to the world today.

Celebrate, remember and love.

Merry Christmas ❤️