Ultimate Fan: Disney X Cath Kidston, helping a heart move on

If you haven’t seen or heard or if you have simply lost your way on the internet, you should all be aware that Cath Kidston has recently dropped the newest Disney crossover in the form of the beloved spotty doggy characters that are known as 101 Dalmatians. You can browse and shop the fab collection here.

I was beyond excited when I found out that Cath Kidston was releasing this crossover. Simply because, 101 Dalmatians is my all time favourite Disney movie.

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Holiday Wish List


Hello fellow bloggers,

So as I mentioned in the previous post about coming into 2017 with an open mind, I can now confirm a fair few exciting things are happening. As I’ve briefly mentioned, at the end of March, which is next month because this year is going by really fast already and omfg the next thing I know, I’m going to be twenty five – a quarter of a fricking century, excuse me whilst I cry but back on point – at the end of March, I’m going to Dublin with two of my favourite people. That is going to be ever so excited. A city break will be just what the doctor orders by the time we get there.

But another exciting thing is, on Sunday, payment was confirmed and holy moly, Conner’s family and I will be flying to Crete for a week in May for Conner’s birthday. YIPEEEEE.

Sun, sea, sand and relaxation is something that everyone is crying out for by the time the fifth month of the year hits home. I’m just so happy that things are actually happening this year. I’m actually doing things, going places, affording things!

So in all this excitement, I thought I’d do a pre-holiday browse for all things HOLIDAY and low and behold, here’s a little wish list composed by moi. Head inside for a sneak peak of things “to buy” (for myself) for a little sunnin’ on the beach in Crete.

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