Michael Malarkey: Mongrels

Obviously like anyone ever, I am a big fan of music. I don’t have a ‘taste’ as such. I like a range of genres. My inner teenager for example loves listening to pop punk rock like Simple Plan, Boys Like Girls, Blink 182, Panic! At The Disco, Yellowcard… You get the picture.

I am also a gal that loves some 80’s tunes; bitta Phil Collins, Billy Ocean, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John…

I love a good soppy romance ballad, you know, Celine Dion is ma girl. I am even partial to a bit of heavy metal and alternative rock. Country music is a real feel good boogie as well.

I’d say acoustic music is mostly where it’s at for me though; just a singer and their trusty guitar. It soothes the soul a little you know?

So naturally, when Michael Malarkey (who I first came to adore as Enzo in the CW hit show The Vampire Diaries) dropped his first single ‘Feed the Flames’ in September 2014, my heart stopped a little. The idiom ‘music to my ears’ sums it up.

The guitar notes, his husky voice… everything about it was perfect. There was something about his voice as well; I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was though. But then along came Knots towards the end of 2015; his first official EP and the pin dropped.

The soft tones of his voice mixed with the magic melody his fingers make on that guitar, it’s enchanting.

He has a gift. It’s not a new genre as sorts, I’d class it somewhere between indie and alternative but it’s extremely refreshing to hear him play. The passion for music really comes alive when you listen to his songs. There aren’t really many words to explain how I’m feeling about his latest release – and that’s coming from a lass who did an English degree and works in Publishing.

I’ve been listening to it non-stop morning and night since it was released. Mongrels has given me something that I didn’t know I was missing – raw, emotional and pure melodies; something that I feel has been forgotten amongst the endless noise of new teen boy bands and grime tunes.

I urge everyone who is anyone to take a minute to appreciate this gem of an album.

Four of my ultimate favourites are listed and linked below so feel free to click um and let his rough voice and enchanting instrumental sounds brighten your Thursday.

Hush Awhile

Dog Dream

Uncomfortably Numb 

My History Will Be the Death of Me

I am also having the absolute pleasure of seeing the man play in real life on Sunday 29th October at Thousand Island. With a cheeky VIP ticket, I get to meet him too. My excitement is understated right now…


A look inside: Our New Flat, Seven Floors Up #livingroomtour

I am the worst blogger in history. Can I even call myself a blogger? I don’t think I can. I honestly wish I could channel my dream bloggers who provide amazing content, daily, but obvs that just ain’t me, So firstly I apologise…

Secondly, HELLO DEAR FRIENDS. I would like to apologise for the lack of content, one because of the main reason above, but two, because this little bean has been busy busy busy. Aside from my 9-5 job, I’ve recently up-hauled my cosy little life in Surrey, with green grass, rivers, ducks and swans that hiss and angrily square up at me – the fact I pay bare minimum rent and have food cooked for me and have unlimited access to internet and dog pets…. to moving into a two bedroom flat IN LONDON – zone 3 but LONDON and, to top the icing on the cake, I had my first ever trip to Ikea on the Friday just gone, to buy cute Pinterest worthy furniture and cute little house plants that make for perfect Instagram snaps.

If that isn’t living the dream, I don’t know what is.

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A Thought about: To the Bone

I would like to get one thing straight – although anorexia is very commonly associated with an uncontrollable urge to be thin and those suffering with this illness, are in fact, terrified of gaining weight, I would like to highlight a particular word in what I’ve just written. That is: Control.

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Dear Diary: I’ve gone and caught a case of Baby Fever

There is a baby in the office. There is a baby in the office making gurgling noises and sweet petty cries and my ovaries are trying to burst out of my womb.

I think I’ve caught the baby fever. I’m feeling broody. I’m craving the sweet smell of a baby in my arms and I want to witness that gappy mouth and big inquisitive eyes staring at me with amazement and wonder.

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Ultimate Fan: Disney X Cath Kidston, helping a heart move on

If you haven’t seen or heard or if you have simply lost your way on the internet, you should all be aware that Cath Kidston has recently dropped the newest Disney crossover in the form of the beloved spotty doggy characters that are known as 101 Dalmatians. You can browse and shop the fab collection here.

I was beyond excited when I found out that Cath Kidston was releasing this crossover. Simply because, 101 Dalmatians is my all time favourite Disney movie.

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The (Unhealthy) power of Instagram

If anyone knows me at all, they will know of my obsession with the picture sharing social media app that is known as Instagram (you can go follow me if ya fancy a cheeky peak here: georgiaefrancis)

I think anyone that is anyone has an Instagram account; whether it be for sharing your own pictures or following (ahem, stalking) others. What started off as a harmless picture sharing website has slowly but surely turned into a competition against strangers, and quite often, against friends, of who can use the most hashtags and/or get the most likes on one picture, or gain as many followers as possible.

Instagram has become a place where people use their posts as a way to glorify their lives. It has started making every other ordinary human miserable because they feel their life isn’t as glamorous and they are unfulfilled because the accounts they follow are doing so much better at life.

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