Dream Come True

Fellow Bloggers, a gal’s dream came true.

I made a wish list, so many posts ago and on it was a DSLR camera. Admittedly it was a Nikon D3300 but you know…. I got a little more creative.


Low and behold, a little belated Christmas gift to me (I say a little – obvs it’s a big one) but she’s such a beauty, I can’t help but admire her. Go ahead, have a little look. Isn’t she the sexiest darn thing you’ve ever seen?


The baby above is the Fujifilm x-t10. I fell in love with it’s older brother, the x-t1 at Christmas and have since been wishing for this little compact system. I got it last week and have yet to go out and about properly with it. That’s this weekend. I’m so excited to start exploring the big city with this beauty. I’ve had a play around, testing out the buttons – it came with the XC 16 – 50 mm Lens which I think is pretty incredible. I’m gunna get a few lenses to tide me over, but so far I’m having fun with the 16-50 mm.

I can now officially call myself a proper little amateur photographer.

You can explore my little world of amateur photography over on Insta (link here) but here are a few of my fave shots so far.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Image may contain: sky, cloud, house, tree and outdoor

Image may contain: dog, plant, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

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Happy Thursday


“Thursday. The most useless day. it only exists as a reminder that it’s been a really long week…and it’s still not over.”

What’s everyone’s take on Thursdays?

Usually, I don’t personally mind Thursdays, because they remind me that tomorrow is Friday.

Friday means the weekend is right around the corner which usually means rest, recuperate and enjoy the time away from work – where in two days time, you will be right back where you were on Thursday.

Today I’m feeling Thursday quite heavily and I am honestly counting the hours pass until the clock strikes half past five tomorrow afternoon.

This weekend I have no major plans and for once, I am quite ecstatic about it. I am so tired this week. I’ve been on the go quite simply, since Wednesday afternoon last week. That is a lot of stuff for little old me.

I’m such an introverted person and since 11pm Wednesday evening, I have been in constant contact with at least one person and by golly I am tired.

I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow afternoon and shutting the world out for a day or two. I am looking forward to giving some time back to me, enjoying my own company and, proving the weather is nice and dry, taking Bertie on a long stroll around the village.

I am hoping Conner and I can do something nice together too for he is jetting off to Arizona on Sunday evening for work – and he won’t be returning until Thursday night.

So close to Christmas.

Christmas is next weekend and I am in nowhere near prepared for this. I am also spending my first Christmas with Conner and his family this year which in itself is very odd.

It’s going to be interesting.

For now though, I am enjoying the feel of Friday coming soon – and I am going to leave you thinking about what Thursday’s mean for you, and where your weekend will take you.

Oh and let’s not forget this new thing of uploading pictures of my moments. So here’s a few snaps from these hectic few days.





image-8 image-6


Photographs are my moments, my memories


My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.

I made a wish list a few months back when I was intent on blogging and trying to keep up the appearance that I was a good blogger. But, you know what? I’m terrible at blogging. I can talk for hours. Most of the time, people want me to shut the hell up. I am good with words, I am exceptionally good at giving advice. Yet, when it comes to blogging, I feel I have nothing to say and that strikes me. At first I tried to force myself to write about things I thought people would find interesting. I would write a few posts a week and think that was it. I was good at blogging. I would then not blog anything for months and when I’d come crawling back, it would be because I’d have some crazy life altering news to share – which of course, is great for me because yay my life is moving forward. Or there would be days when I would blog about my unhappy moments, or if I was feeling particularly glum. Again, great for me, and to some extent, maybe for others who wanted to find someone else who relates to the same emotions you’re feeling. But again, it’s not great for readers.

I have come to the conclusion that, although I like words and I like to talk, a written blog is not necessarily my way of connecting with the world. In fact, as of late especially, my way of connecting is through my iPhone camera.

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My Top 10 Instagram Pictures

Instagram is a social media platform that I, like many amateur photographers, am addicted to. I love it. I joined Instagram when I got my first android phone – it was a Samsung and I felt so special because Google Play had the Instagram app and oh yes I was now so hip, cool and generic! Unlike new apps like Snapchat and Tinder, Instagram has had continuous action from me. Its highly ranked as one of my favourite apps. ever! Aside Twitter and Facebook, it is my morning routine of stalking.

Of course I follow the generic actors and actresses I love, I follow photographers who can actually take amazing pictures, but most of all I follow cute pug accounts and cat accounts. Every time I load the app, it’s consistent scrolling past cats and pugs for about twenty minutes with the occasional interval of  someone from Pretty Little Liars.

I’ve decided to do a photo post, of 10 of my favourite pictures over on Insta. Maybe I’m using it as a bit of shameless promotion for my Instagram account (guilty) but it’s also a case of showcasing some of my favourite images that I’ve taken. It’s not measured by the likes either, because some of my favourite pictures ever taken don’t have many likes at all. I’m not all about the follow count or the like count, I like taking pictures for the fun memories I can revisit again and again. I am very much a generic ‘sunset, sunrise, landscape’ image capture person, but there’s also some cute pictures of my cats and quotes I really enjoy.

So here ya go followers, my own top ten Instagram pictures, chosen by me!

If you’re on Instagram, feel free to check me out 🙂


What’s up Wednesday….?

Given that there is only 2 minutes of Wednesday left here in the UK, I have unfortunately missed out on my Wednesday blog post – but that’s okay because I was unsure what Wednesday’s post was going to be about.

Admittedly I nabbed this quirky title from an actual Wednesday blog theme, but it is unrelated. Maybe next Wednesday I’ll jump on board. Instead this blog post is merely a hello to my dear followers, and a warm wish of happiness and health on this cold and windy day (well night now)

Autumn has graced Plymouth, and the cold days are darkening and well, it truly is the definition of Fall here in the South West. Instead of a lengthy blog post tonight, here are some pictures I’ve taken around the city/university campus to highlight my love for the seasonal change – its mainly just leaves, because well this image sums it up:

But onto my actual snaps 🙂

image image  imageimage


And as Albert Camus so beautifully states “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” 🍁🍂🍃🍂🍁

Drakes Place: a reservir for peace, quiet and absolute me time

Tucked away on a busy road just up North Hill, Drake’s Place is a unique little reservoir, a hub for activities and events on certain days, and peace and quiet on others. It has been beautifully restored to it’s former glory. The land is owned by the University, but residents and students alike have come to know the beautiful garden as Drake’s Place. Nestled amongst the blossoming trees, and potent flowers include water fountains and complete and utter peace.

I often go here to relax and unwind after a stressful day. It is a place that completely eases my mind and frees my anxious thoughts. It is also a prime location for breath-taking pictures, and I thought I would include some here on my blog!


London snaps

There is nothing like being a bit of a tourist in your own capital! 🇬🇧

I’ve been travelling to and from Greater London for the best part of a year now, with central London right on my doorstep. I never go though, too much time, effort and far too many people. A little across the way however, my friend works. I hadn’t  seen him in a good few months so yesterday, we planned a trip into London, for lunch and a casual stroll. Just a few snaps from the day 🙂 photos make memories 📷🎡






IMG_3013 image