13 Feel Good ‘ L O V E ‘ Songs

So I’ll say it: I’m a sucker for listening to a soppy luveeeeeeee song, but it’s not your typical ballad-Celine Dion type stuff. Bryan Adams – Everything I Do is not on the list either. I don’t sit and wallow around and listen to sappy love songs to make me feel sad about my life. In fact, I actually really enjoy pressing play on a loveable playlist on a Friday afternoon, ready to wind down for the weekend. I also love finding new gems, quoting the lyrics and sending them to Con with the 🙊 emoji saying things like ‘LOOK AT ME. I’M CUTE. I’M THINKING OF YOU.”

A lot of the songs on this list are actually songs that make me think of Conner because you know, I’m a bit of a sucka like that – but you can just ignore that and listen to them and enjoy them and feel cute and happy about life, yeah?

Go ahead, I’ve linked each song to a youtube video (they are in no favourable order.)

I Will Be Happy and Hopefully You Will Be Too – Stu Larsen

Perfectly Perfect – Simple Plan

Whole Lotta You – A Rocket To The Moon

Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching – Simple Plan

Love is Alive – Lea Michelle

New York to California – Mat Kearney

Sad Song (feat. Elena Coats) – We The Kings

Last Train Home – Ryan Star

Unstoppable – Alex Goot

Shut Up and Dance – Alex Goot

Black & Blue – Carter Hulsey

Ever Enough – A Rocket To The Moon

Afraid of Heights – Tom Fletcher

Obvs some don’t even sound like love songs but *shurgs* to me they’re pretty and perfect and heartfelt. Some of the links link directly to official videos. Prepare for tears with the last two on the list.

Anyway. What songs do you really enjoy listening to, to wind down ready for the weekend?



My Favourite Moments of 2017

2017 is drawing to a close v. fast. It only feels like yesterday the sun was shining and the UK was sweating with some kind of crazeeeey heatwave. However, as the year is coming to an end, I am taking some inspo off of Hannah Gale who dropped a cute post today about her favourite moments of 2017.

A lot has happened in 2017 yet it’s passed by in quite a blur. Luckily my hobby (obsession?) of taking pictures, means I’ve captured a fair number of things. So we shall start the list off.

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Christmas Time: Sunday Feels


There is always going to be those eager beavers who are thrilled to see the Christmas cheer gracing stores as early as August. I have never been one of them. In fact, I have never really been utterly thrilled about Christmas in general. The holiday in itself is a much welcomed break; from school, from college, university and this year, work. However, I have never felt the ultimate joy of pine trees, festive lights and Christmas cheer. I just haven’t. I have to admit I’m slightly nostalgic seeing the Coca Cola advert and appreciating that ‘the holidays are coming’, but that sudden “OMFG IT’S CHRISTMAS” feeling is one I don’t experience all that well.

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Throwback: My First BF

Good evening fellow bloggers,

It is technically 9 minutes past 1 on a Tuesday morning here in the UK and I have work in less than 6 hours so I should really go to sleep. However, of course my brain is in overdrive so I thought I’d take a stab at a post.

Tonight’s post is a little prompt as it were, from my dear friend Danieeeeel. Shout out to him on my blog. He’s such a gem, once he gets his wordpress blog up and running, I’ll give him a link here. Basically, one evening at work, Dan decided to create three blog prompts for me to try and regulate my posting. I picked this one because it seemed amusing. So we’re having a little throwback tonight, back to a time that seems so very long ago. Back to the days of My Chemical Romance, winged eyeliner, multi-coloured skinny jean and thinking I was badass trying to low-ride… *shivers*

On the left – check out me and my homegal with our emo scene screaming wardrobe…

So Dan suggested I write a blog post about my first proper boyfriend. HERE we have it – for the purpose of this poat, alll names have been changed for privacy!

Right. So, here goes.

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Re-Watched: Gossip Girl

You know you love me,
xoxo Gossip Girl

For the past couple of weeks, on the evenings I feel I need to wind down or the lazy days I feel I want to spend on the sofa watching Netflix (this happens far too often, damn procrastination!) I’ve been re-watching Gossip Girl. Netflix offer all six seasons – hooray for Netflix and just last night I finished Season 6 episode 10. Netflix also offer the cheeky end comments from all the cast and crew of Gossip Girl in the ultimate final and for the first thirty minutes or so, I was so confused because I was like THIS IS NOT HOW GOSSIP GIRL ENDS.

Now, I got into Gossip Girl what feels like a lifetime ago, I bought up to season four on DVD, I crushed on Nate until I realised I was more into Bad Boy Chuck Bass and yeah I wanted to be the IT girl. Serena is my penultimate girl crush and you know what, I actually f**king love Dorota. Sorry but she was the best, am I right?

Gossip Girl had me hooked back when I was fifteen and re-watching it again these past few weeks, I’ve been itching to continue. Of course, yesterday I reached the end and once again I’m sad to say goodbye but it is definitely a show worth binge-watching. Even the boyfriend got semi into it. He’d be waiting for his games to load with his mouth wide open asking questions about why Chuck was being an asshole and occasionally laughing out loud and saying ‘I love Dorota’ – don’t we all babe.

The characters were perfectly executed by the cast. Enormous praise given for Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester on their scandalous, passionate and sexual sensations of portraying Chuck and Blair – the ultimate relationship goals! SWOON.

Literally, this show gave me all the feels of an outsider wanting to get in. Life as an Upper East Side elite seemed like a dream. Of course, now I’m older and wiser I wouldn’t like to live in a world dominated by money. Money was something that just didn’t matter – like come on. Anyone would love to be that well off that they could live comfortably for WELL EVER. But the drama overload and the secrets… too much.

I definitely couldn’t stand a relationship like Blair and Serena’s… How many times can two girls go up against each other, fight and scream at each other… like come on?

I really disliked Vanessa and Georgina Sparkes was the best character in the entire world. Michelle Trachenberg is perfecto. Her days as Buffy’s annoying kid sister is gone and she plays dirty and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

I always forgot that she ended up with Jack Bass and it saddens me that Rufus and Lily never got back together.

The ending to Gossip Girl was perfect but also I don’t know, didn’t sit right with me. I always knew Dan and Serena would be end game (awks for Penn and Blake, hats off to them continuing to work together after their break up) and it was sad that Nate, the only honest guy didn’t end up with anyone at all… but omg Little Henry was adorable and Eleanor and Cyrus – NOT ENOUGH!

Overall, Gossip Girl is my ultimate teenage show, one that I will not stop returning to, again and again. Even if Netflix keeps threatening to take it off. I rushed the last three episodes last night because it kept saying ‘this show is available until the 15th Feb’ but now it’s saying it’s available until March. WHAT IS IT NETFLIX? WHAT DO YOU WANT.

Enough of my evening rambles,

you know you love me (or not…)


Happy Commercial Love Day ❤️

In other words, Happy Valentines my fellow readers.

I hope today, like any other, you are showering those you love, with love.

I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentines Day, regardless of if I’m in a relationship or not. For the past five years, I’ve had the absolute pleasure to share February 14th with the same person. The first year we of course, acknowledged Valentine’s Day and gave into the commercialism of the day. I bought him some cute gifts, he bought me a card(!) – this is something absent from all celebratory events nowadays.

But after the first two valentines, we gave up. Not on each other, but on the day itself, because Valetnine’s Day is a cop out. It’s a way to make the men and women in the world feel they need to shower their loved ones with gifts and expensive trinkets that don’t matter nearly as much as the person they’re coming from.

Valentine’s Day gets even more ridiculous every year. Why? If you love someone, you love them 365 days a year and you show them every day out of those 365. Why do you need a day to express this solely with cheap gifts and lame dinner dates?

I guess people can say I sound bitter or even that I’m masking a jealously for those happy couples. I am not. I am extremely happy in my relationship. I guess I just make him aware that I love him every day of the year.

Of course, this is simply one person’s opinion and I do not want to take away the love and fun of Valentine’s Day for anyone. Just be aware of showing those you love, how much you do, each and every day.

– xoxo

A Quote A Day #10

“No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning.”

– Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood.

I cannot help but love this book, the power it has over me is incredible. Haruki Murakami is an amazing writer and although this book was the first I read, the ones after I have equally adored. The quote above sums up a lot. Words cannot do feelings justice. But some words can offer comfort and acknowledgement of things we feel. And that, that is a beautiful sentiment.