A look inside: Our New Flat, Seven Floors Up #livingroomtour

I am the worst blogger in history. Can I even call myself a blogger? I don’t think I can. I honestly wish I could channel my dream bloggers who provide amazing content, daily, but obvs that just ain’t me, So firstly I apologise…

Secondly, HELLO DEAR FRIENDS. I would like to apologise for the lack of content, one because of the main reason above, but two, because this little bean has been busy busy busy. Aside from my 9-5 job, I’ve recently up-hauled my cosy little life in Surrey, with green grass, rivers, ducks and swans that hiss and angrily square up at me – the fact I pay bare minimum rent and have food cooked for me and have unlimited access to internet and dog pets…. to moving into a two bedroom flat IN LONDON – zone 3 but LONDON and, to top the icing on the cake, I had my first ever trip to Ikea on the Friday just gone, to buy cute Pinterest worthy furniture and cute little house plants that make for perfect Instagram snaps.

If that isn’t living the dream, I don’t know what is.

Anyhoo, who knew it was possible to get a two bedroom apartment located in Zone 3 of London for as little as £750 a month (split between two of us because we are adults and we are a couple that share the bills… and stuff. Cute right.) Tbh, it’s probably possible to get a cheaper place, especially if you house share, but y’know. We like our own space. And space… we have a lot of in this fancy new two-bed apartment in south landaaaan.

I’ve decided to channel my inner cliche blogger, and give a little tour of the inside of my flat because IKEA is a dream and we’ve made it all jazzy with a colourful rug and aesthetic bookcases ❤

As you enter into the foyer (if you’re american which lol wish I was), you are greeted with big 60s style open windows that overlook South London. You wouldn’t even believe you’re in London because there is so much green outside the window, it’s a naturalist’s dream. Upon waking up on this Saturday morning, we decided to piece together the first house warming present(s) we received, which was from the boyfriend’s mum, on the left wall as you enter the room.

As an English and Publishing graduate, I own a lot of books, obviously. As you can see from the images above, the two bookcases don’t contain just books. We could have arranged the shelving so that I could put more books onto it, but I wanted to add some quirky figures and plaques. You must also take note of the designated Harry Potter shelf. Nothing else needs to be said. Other than the fact, unfortunately, my illustrated copy of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets is missing because I need to pick it up from the old house, and of course, my POP! figurine collection is incomplete.

But anyway, these two bookcases are from Argos. HOME section. The cases come in a number of colours but we opted for white, to keep the style of our living room natural. Plus they look super aesthetic, don’t ya think?

Oh, I’ll mention that the block of flats we live in was build in the sixty’s so what is featured in our apartment is very much the brutalist architecture style of that period. We’ve got these beautiful dark oak wooden floors which make the white natural decor of the living room with the big windows a breathtaking space of fresh air.

We have however, jazzed this up a little with a very colourful rug from IKEA. The PANDRUP is apparently great for damping sound (alreeeety then!) and is super soft to walk on. It also goes extremely well with our sexy new sofa cover!

For ease and because lol we aren’t made of money, we have the compact 2-seater KLIPPAN sofa from IKEA which, by default, comes in a flackarp grey colour. It is not the nicest of colours really. We had it when we were in Plymouth and the colour was such a wash out. It for some reason, also felt so uncomfortable to sit on… (is that possible? whatever. it doesn’t matter).

We found that you could buy separate covers in a number of different colours for this particular sofa. After inspecting the website, we decided that, once set on the rug, we wanted to get the flackarp red-orange colour and you know what? I’m pretty fricking happy with it. I mean – check it out. Our living room is looking hella funky. Am I right? 

We also decided because the living space is quite long, to get a dining table because we want to be able to sit and have dinner together with cute candles lit and our fake plant in the middle. Have we reached adult peak life yet? Buying a dining table…. could it get any more adult? Maybe. We did just get a joint bank account 🤷‍♀️

Looking around Ikea is great. It gives you loads of ideas for different rooms. Walking into the dining area really showed where Conner and I differ. For I wanted a oak-type table which maybe folded in half – you know the ones that extend if you have guests but can retract when it’s just the two of you… Conner hated the idea. So we settled, after a little debate on the black stylish brassy glassy sexy thing:

To finalise our little living room/dining space, Conner and I have taken to buying a real plant – we bought ourselves a little dragon tree. Say hello to Franky. He is best seen relaxing by the window, soaking up the rays like a cat – or after an extensive google search to determine whether or not he was a palm tree, we’ve realised that this is NOT the way dragon plants are supposed to grow. Indirect sunlight is what they need.  I will water him once a week as he’s pretty drought resistant apparently. so… Happy plant = happy home space.

Oh, you can shop the dining table here, and Franky and the pot over on IKEA too.

I’ll sign off now, leaving you with a lovely view from our office window… which is a tour for another time.


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