Dear Diary: I’ve gone and caught a case of Baby Fever

There is a baby in the office. There is a baby in the office making gurgling noises and sweet petty cries and my ovaries are trying to burst out of my womb.

I think I’ve caught the baby fever. I’m feeling broody. I’m craving the sweet smell of a baby in my arms and I want to witness that gappy mouth and big inquisitive eyes staring at me with amazement and wonder.

I’m approaching twenty five and everyone on every kind of social media platform ever, is posting about babies and pregnancy so it’s natural for my womb to feel all fuzzy and the internal mother clock ticking growing increasingly louder in my ears right?

I blame ma main girl Hannah Gale for dropping the most amazing news to her avid blog fans. Yup if you didn’t know it, that sassy lady is having a baby. I was beyond ecstatic to hear about it and felt like it was my own best friend sharing this wonderfully life changing news. I am excited to follow her progress as a mum-to-be blogger and I’m loving her posts and vlogs right now.

But I’m also like FECK. Babies. Babies on my mind. Babies in my work place. Babies on the tube. Babies. Babies. Babies.

I want it to stop. I am in no way ready for a baby. I am about 50% still a child myself yet my maternal instincts won’t quit right now. I am finding myself drawn to the mothers on the tube with their toddlers in their pram. I am drawn to the fathers whose baby is cooing in their arms as they’re rocking them back and forth. And for the love of god, every time a toddler or a baby catches my eye. I make that god awful face and my heart swells and I want to scoop the little bean up and run away.

I’m not quite sure what is going on but I want it to kindly stop.

Maybe this is the pre-turning-twenty-five crisis. Maybe it’s the fact that every day is baby season. Maybe it’s just a phase and next week, when there is a baby crying at 8:30 on the Monday morning commute, I’ll change my mind and want to claw my eyes out. But right now, my motherly instincts are in overdrive that I was slightly (VERY MINIMALLY BECAUSE OMFG NOW WOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE A GOOD TIME TO BE PREGNANT) disappointed to wake up with the cramps from Satan and the presence of the red devil.

But you know.

I’ve got Baby Fever. BRB whilst I go be hormonal and broody at my desk.

Pug puppies, where you at?


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