It’s okay NOT to be okay

I woke up today feeling great. I was like yeah it’s Monday but whatever. It;s a four day week and Easter is approaching and yes boy give me all the chocolate.

It’s also good because I’m going home for Easter, which means I get to spend some time with my mum and my fur babies who I am missing incredible amounts right now. The weekend was such nice weather and sunshine makes everyone so happy and smiley. So yeah, I woke up with the ‘I’ma boss Monday’ feeling.

Of course, one thing happened and it affected my mood quite heavily and I know blah blah you can either let it dampen your whole day or you can just brush it off, forget about it and move on.

Sometimes that’s easy enough and as the morning is progressing, I’m realising that, that little thing has set off a roller coaster of feelings that are certainly not feelings of being okay.

I’m feeling a little anxious, a little sad and I think even a little bit mad and I can’t quite place the reason why.

And you know what? It’s okay. It’s okay to not understand how you’re feeling or why you’re feeling the way you are all the damn time. The world’s a mess and we’re just living in it. Some days are going to be better than others and that is just life.

It’s also okay to not be okay 100% of the time but it’s definitely good to voice out that you’re not okay. You don’t have to talk about why you’re not feeling okay, because in some cases you just don’t know WHY, but don’t suffer in silence.

Find your nearest pal and get giggling. Maybe curl up in your duvet, cuddle your fave stuffed animal and watch feel good Disney (I SO WISH I could be doing that right now)

I’m going to go and stuff my face with food this lunch time and hopefully have someone crack a joke that will ease my mind.

But you know what, it really is okay not to be okay, and I’m okay with that.


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