TGIF: Hello Weekend


Ah hello Friday evening, it’s good to see you from the comfort of my bed!

I cannot remember the last Friday night I had off work. Most of my Fridays are currently spent standing on my feet for 7 hours, from 4pm till 11pm serving people who become more and more intoxicated.

University term time is officially over. Most of the students have gone home for summer now, therefore the supermarket has slowed and I think that’s why I can finally greet Friday night with a smile that is not aimed at the drunk people who can’t seem to focus long enough to remember their card is still in the card reader.

Tonight’s agenda is Burgers, Ice cream and Movie, with a bottle of Strawberry and Lime cider if you please. I think that’s pretty blissful, doing Friday night right.

We are also going to be puppy proofing the flat because on Monday we are getting a furry little visitor for two weeks whilst Mumma is on holiday.

Say hello to Berite-Bops:


He’s a Labradoodle, more lab than doodle, but he’s got the scruffy little chin hairs and furry paws. This above picture was taken back in April, so he was about 12 weeks then. He’s grown a fair bit since and I’m looking forward to getting home from those 7 hour shifts to be greeted by this one. Super exciting.

I’ve got plans already of the walks we’re going to go on. I’m hoping that the dog in the flat upstairs will come out into our little garden and they can be little pals.

Such cuteness. I cannot wait to officially move and start looking for our own pup – Conner said we can get a pug, and well… if you know anything about me – I love my pugs!

What’s your favourite animal? Are we dog lovers, cat lovers (which hands down, I would still choose my cat over a pug)… monkey lovers, whale lovers, spider lovers (ew)?

Anyway, I hope dear bloggers, you have a fun weekend!

I’ll be sure to blog about puppy adventures come Monday. Bertie will be arriving mid-day. Just after I’ve had my dissertation meeting, so if that doesn’t go the way I plan, at least I have puppy cuddles for when I return!

Here’s to the freaking weekend my lovelie

– xo


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