Living the High Life: Happy Hump Day


I am heading to the theatre tonight in approx 9 minutes, so I am writing a quick post to keep y’all updated on my boring life. But the theatre, how sophisticated and adult-like of me. I love being able to do things that involve grown up sophisticated dressing up – and the best part is, I’m going for free.

My friend Chris has a spare ticket as he’s reviewing the performance for The Knowledge, so he asked me to go. YES. Love me a good free theatre performance. I’ll link you to his review once it’s been published.

But yeah, the theatre with wine and plays and performing and all the adulting stuff that adults do.

I think I’m still buzzing from the fact that last night I did something so independent that I still cannot believe I did it. I went to the cinema to see Me Before You, by my little old lonesome. Admittedly I wasn’t alone, alone. My friends Amy, who has gone back home and Kat – who lives in Florida so she’s five hours behind us here in Sunny old England, were seeing the movie at the same time as me. Well Kat was five hours behind as stated but still, we all went to the cinema together but not together.

It was an experience that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing even a year ago. I don’t do things by myself. I’m one of those ‘Oh god. I can’t go to the checkout without someone holding my hand’ types. It took me eighteen years to step on a train by myself so you know.

I think this is me classing myself as an independent adult.

But who I am kidding?

Congratulations to making it to Hump Day, guys. Mid Week.

When is it Friday?

– xo


4 thoughts on “Living the High Life: Happy Hump Day

    1. It was really good. I’m surprised at how much I liked it. I’ve read mixed reviews. It was pretty similar to the book (obviously they missed some bits) but overall I thought it was really well done! Definitely recommend watching!

      1. I haven’t read the book but, now you’ve said that, I’m more excited to watch the film 😊

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