My Top 10 Instagram Pictures

Instagram is a social media platform that I, like many amateur photographers, am addicted to. I love it. I joined Instagram when I got my first android phone – it was a Samsung and I felt so special because Google Play had the Instagram app and oh yes I was now so hip, cool and generic! Unlike new apps like Snapchat and Tinder, Instagram has had continuous action from me. Its highly ranked as one of my favourite apps. ever! Aside Twitter and Facebook, it is my morning routine of stalking.

Of course I follow the generic actors and actresses I love, I follow photographers who can actually take amazing pictures, but most of all I follow cute pug accounts and cat accounts. Every time I load the app, it’s consistent scrolling past cats and pugs for about twenty minutes with the occasional interval of  someone from Pretty Little Liars.

I’ve decided to do a photo post, of 10 of my favourite pictures over on Insta. Maybe I’m using it as a bit of shameless promotion for my Instagram account (guilty) but it’s also a case of showcasing some of my favourite images that I’ve taken. It’s not measured by the likes either, because some of my favourite pictures ever taken don’t have many likes at all. I’m not all about the follow count or the like count, I like taking pictures for the fun memories I can revisit again and again. I am very much a generic ‘sunset, sunrise, landscape’ image capture person, but there’s also some cute pictures of my cats and quotes I really enjoy.

So here ya go followers, my own top ten Instagram pictures, chosen by me!

If you’re on Instagram, feel free to check me out 🙂



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